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TCOnow! for Enterprise Storage

What will this tool help me decide?
If You Should Consolidate Your Storage, and if so, What Storage Array You Should Use

TCOnow! for Enterprise Storage will help you decide whether and how to consolidate your existing direct attached storage as well as any existing EMC, HDS, IBM, or other Fibre Channel arrays.  By answering a limited number of questions, TCOnow! will generate a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison for consolidating one to ten heterogeneous storage silos into an enterprise SAN.  You can compare acquisition and operational costs alone or including SAN switches and directors, storage virtualization, even data recovery software.

TCOnow! condenses a typical multi-week or multi-month storage planning, design, configuration, and costing project into a matter of hours.  This dramatically accelerated analysis is made possible because the software is packed with more than a thousand data points on the relative merits of different disk arrays and SAN topologies as well as thousands of data points on disk array design, performance, pricing, and downtime. If you are trying to decide if you should consolidate your storage, then this is the product for you!

Click any storage system in the product matrix below and the green check marks will show you what you can compare.

Interview Process:
CIOview’s software will lead you through an interview process to ask what you would like to compare, as well as your company specifications. You will be able to assess any of the OS environments, such as Windows (NT, 2000, or 2003), Unix (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), Linux, OS/400, z/OS, OS/390, and Netware. You will also be able to analyze the individual needs of as many as 10 different workgroups.
  The system will then take your answers and combine them with our industry data to generate a complete business report. This will tell you all the financial and technical details you need to know.
A Step Further:
  Once you’ve finished your analysis, you can go back into the software to change any of the assumptions and see how it will affect your total cost of ownership. This means you can change any of your answers, as well as any of the underlying assumptions. See how the level of data redundancy or offsite data recovery affects your total cost of ownership. You can also vary your growth assumptions and see the impact on your storage requirements.

Customized Business Report

CIOview's software creates a complete business case, detailing the costs of possible solutions. For the financial people, it includes cost factor breakdown. For the technical people, it includes a complete break-down of deployment.

With a tool this powerful, you can give everyone the information they want…and look great doing it.

Purchasing Research - Done!

Conducting the research necessary to make a purchasing decision can be very time consuming. The process of reading through reviews, listening to the experience of colleagues, and trying to sift through the marketing materials can make it difficult to reach a clear decision. CIOview's software takes all of the pertinent industry information into account and applies it to your specific situation – giving you the most accurate analysis possible. 

Learn more about research methodology

Extensive What if Analysis

After you have reviewed your cost comparison, the software allows you to drill-down and change any of the underlying assumptions. The software is intelligent enough to allow you to change everything from the server model selected, to the cost of the power for the servers. This means you can continue to modify your report until you reach the completed solution you desire.

Respected Independent Third Party

You can be assured that as a third party provider, we provide you with only objective information. This independence is recognized by some of the top names in the IT field through the use of our products and strategic partners with associations such as ISECOM and AIIM.

Learn more about strategic partners

Side-by-Side Comparison

Answering as few as 15 questions can rapidly compare your options and give you a side-by-side comparison for the cost of:

  • Storage Devices
  • Disk
  • Fabric
  • Software
  • Services
  • Facilities
  • On-going personnel
  • Downtime
  • Support