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ROInow! Consultant

What will this tool help me decide?
Determine the Return on Investment of Your IT Project

ROInow! Consultant will help you determine the financial impact of an IT project. By answering a limited number of questions, ROInow! will automatically generate a complete business case which includes the likely costs and benefits associated with that project. It will even automatically generate financial metrics, including Return on Investment (ROI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), and Payback Period. Used by 81% of the Fortunate 500 companies, this software represents the fastest and easiest way to ensure that you are including all of the costs and benefits associated with your IT project.

ROInow! Consultant provides the most advanced, full-featured, easy-to-use template to accurately determine the ROI of your information technology project. It lets consultants, IT managers, and financial specialists complete a detailed, polished ROI analysis of any information technology initiative in less than an hour. Created to pass the most rigorous standards of CFOs, the software comes with built-in features geared to a CFO's requirements.

Consultants, IT managers, and financial specialists no longer need to spend time creating, testing and verifying complex financial analysis spreadsheets to assess and justify their planned IT projects. ROInow! Consultant relieves you of those cumbersome and often confusing multi-page spreadsheet workbooks that are prone to errors. It lets you immediately begin a financial assessment that focuses on your expertise -- your project, your company and your costs and benefits -- rather than on complex financial methodology. If you need to understand the financial implications of an IT project, then this is the product for you!

Interview Process:
Tell the software what IT project you would like to analyze, along with the important features. You can select from several hundred server options and get the appropriate street price. It will also allow you to choose from 17 industry groups (see the default costs for employee salaries, benefits, depreciation method and schedule, cost of capital, etc). You will be able to see which factors should be considered when pricing desktops.
  ROInow! will automatically estimate the project’s financial savings. You will be able to understand how networking costs should be shared across projects. See the case for treating training as an investment rather than a cost. You will also be able to see the financial implications of various warranty and support terms.
A Step Further:
  After reviewing your analysis, you will be able to go back in and change any of your decisions or underlying assumptions. This means you can continue to modify your business report until you are satisfied that you have the best conclusion.

Customized Business Report

CIOview's software creates a complete business case, detailing the costs of possible solutions. For the financial people, it includes cost factor breakdown. For the technical people, it includes a complete break-down of deployment.

With a tool this powerful, you can give everyone the information they want…and look great doing it.

Purchasing Research - Done!

Conducting the research necessary to make a purchasing decision can be very time consuming. The process of reading through reviews, listening to the experience of colleagues, and trying to sift through the marketing materials can make it difficult to reach a clear decision. CIOview's software takes all of the pertinent industry information into account and applies it to your specific situation – giving you the most accurate analysis possible. 

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Extensive What if Analysis

After you have reviewed your cost comparison, the software allows you to drill-down and change any of the underlying assumptions. The software is intelligent enough to allow you to change everything from the server model selected, to the cost of the power for the servers. This means you can continue to modify your report until you reach the completed solution you desire.

Respected Independent Third Party

You can be assured that as a third party provider, we provide you with only objective information. This independence is recognized by some of the top names in the IT field through the use of our products and strategic partners with associations such as ISECOM and AIIM.

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Cost Analysis

By answering as few as 20 questions, you can rapidly generate your costs for:

  • Software
  • Desktops
  • Servers & Storage
  • Networking
  • Training
  • Facilities, support & maintenance
  • Services
  • On-going personnel
  • Outsourcing
  • Customized cost categories