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TCOnow! for Disk

What will this tool help me decide?
What is the True Cost per Gigabyte of Disk

TCOnow! for Disk is a software tool that will help you determine whether, and by how much, the prices listed for disk hardware underestimate the actual cost of a new disk array. By answering a limited number of questions, TCOnow! will generate a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison for purchasing a new disk array or consolidating an existing disk array sold by EMC, HDS, HP, or IBM. You can compare these disk arrays with and without advanced function software such as point in time copy, remote copy, performance analysis, storage area network (SAN) management, and even mainframe optimization.

TCOnow! shrinks a typical multi-week disk analysis project into a matter of hours. This accelerated analysis is made possible because CIOview's software is packed with data and algorithms on disk arrays, hard drives, advanced functions, and management software. If you want to avoid being hit by hidden fees and disk upgrade costs, then this is the product for you!

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Interview Process:
CIOview's software will lead you through an interview process to ask for your specifications. You can choose to compare: IBM (DS4000, DS 6000, DS 8000), EMC (Clariion or Symmetrix), or HDS (Thunder, Lightning, HDS, AMS, HDS TagmaStore). You will also be able to compare the acquisition and ongoing cost of advanced storage functions and software products, including: IBM (FlashCopy, Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Total Storage Productivity Center), HDS (ShadowImage, TrueCopy, Universal Replicator, HiCommand), HP (Business Copy, Continuous Access, HP OpenView Storage).
  Once you have completed the interview process, the software will combine your responses with our industry knowledge to generate a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) financial and technical business report.
A Step Further:
  Once you have reviewed your analysis, you will be able to see how individual costs affect your project costs. You will then be able to go back into your project to change specifications and see how a change will affect your total cost of ownership.

Customized Business Report

CIOview's software creates a complete business case, detailing the costs of possible solutions. For the financial people, it includes cost factor breakdown. For the technical people, it includes a complete break-down of deployment.

With a tool this powerful, you can give everyone the information they want…and look great doing it.

Purchasing Research - Done!

Conducting the research necessary to make a purchasing decision can be very time consuming. The process of reading through reviews, listening to the experience of colleagues, and trying to sift through the marketing materials can make it difficult to reach a clear decision. CIOview's software takes all of the pertinent industry information into account and applies it to your specific situation – giving you the most accurate analysis possible. 

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Extensive What if Analysis

After you have reviewed your cost comparison, the software allows you to drill-down and change any of the underlying assumptions. The software is intelligent enough to allow you to change everything from the server model selected, to the cost of the power for the servers. This means you can continue to modify your report until you reach the completed solution you desire.

Respected Independent Third Party

You can be assured that as a third party provider, we provide you with only objective information. This independence is recognized by some of the top names in the IT field through the use of our products and strategic partners with associations such as ISECOM and AIIM.

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Side-by-Side Comparison

TCOnow! for Disk will automatically generate a side-by-side cost comparison of the following items:

  • Storage hardware
  • Disk
  • Advanced functions
  • Storage software
  • Services
  • Facilities
  • Personnel
  • Downtime
  • Support and maintenance